Monday, 29 September 2014

Busy Weeks, Losing Time and Warp Factor 9, Maybe?!


Hello, Happy Monday :)

Wow, well that was an incredibly busy week - I've been cake baking, leaflet dropping, wardrobe building; not to mention working in the shop more often than I usually do.
I think I've pretty much got everything under control now, all that needed to be achieve has been, well, achieved I guess.......and the girls new bedroom furniture is looking lovely; it has mirrors across the front doors, which they love and I've already spotted lots of posing going on - hehe!

One thing I have been indulging in - and nobody is more surprised by this than I am - is my love of Star Trek! That's right, I did say "love" and not "hate" .Most people whom which know me will be aware of my continued eye rolling at the mere mention of a starship anything. I had recently come to the conclusion (some how) that technically speaking: I should love it, I mean Sci-fi films are my most favourite thing to watch. So Star Trek seemed logical, right? So why had I always dismissed it with such animosity?

I think even Gav was a little perturbed by this sudden request to watch Star Trek The Next Generation from start to finish. So, yes, a few weeks later; we are now halfway through season 2. It's been a little like Breaking Bad for me: in (the only) respect that; once you begin watching one episode in an evening, you let them keep rolling on......right up until bedtime when you've realised you've had 3 hours of klingon battling, planet saving, Picard ruling goodness upon the Starship Enterprise - and now you're feeling super knackered and in need of a good long rest ( dramatic, moi?!).

Right-tee-oh,  I'm off now to the post office, post a shop order and then perhaps indulge in a little afternoon thrifting - just maybe!

Friday, 19 September 2014

New Vintage Items in My New Vintage Shop!

vintage clothing in Ipswich UK

I seem to be managing my time quite nicely recently, which makes a delightful change - completing some promo work, blog posts and setting up my new shop Raspberry Mint - I'm feeling surprisingly optimistic and energetic about it all, which is a lovely feeling. On top of this, I've ordered the girls some new, much needed bedroom furniture - which is arriving on Monday; my weekend will literally be spent clearing out their room and making things ready for flatpack furniture building next week. Joys :)

Vintage clothing dresses and pretty dressing gowns

I just wanted to wish you a fab, productively happy weekend, and to share with you some of the clothing from my shop - Have a good one!

Pretty Vintage Clothing in the UK Jean Varon Dresses

Thursday, 18 September 2014

Posing, Sorting and Rediscovering Autumnal Colours!


Well Hellooooo,
Good morning and happy Thursday!

Yesterday was spent sorting out the dreaded wardrobe - again - even with a mass clear out, I'm still struggling with space. I think I may own too many clothes!

Whilst sorting out, I came across this cute little blouse that I'd forgotten I'd bought from Judy's Affordable Vintage Fair when they came to us back in the Spring - I'm glad I rediscovered this though as it's totally autumnal and teamed with a lady necktie and black vintage skirt, it's perfect for the coming months.

Obviously these colours would work marvellously with red hair; which I kinda had when I bought this. Red lipstick shall have to do now though  :)

.......and having a sort out is a good excuse to take some posey pictures of course