Thursday, 16 October 2014

My Vintage Sunglasses Collection


It's never been a secret that I like vintage sunglasses - in fact, pretty much anyone who knows me, knows I can't resist buying them. I thought that perhaps I had a fair few pairs.....maybe like 10 or something! But yes, it seems that perhaps I've deluded myself into thinking I'm indeed NOT a massive, serial sunglasses crazy person?!

Actually, even as I lay out my immediate collection in my bedroom, I know I have more lurking about the house somewhere - a red pair downstairs in the drawer for instance.

It might seem crazy, but only one pair here are true vintage, the others are merely vintage inspired - How did that happen?

Can you pick out the real vintage ones?

Friday, 10 October 2014

Vintage Crimplene Suits and Being Swallowed Up By Dresses and Such!


After having recently acquired a fair few (crate sized) bags of vintage clothing - most of which I'm selling in my newly opened vintage shop  (obviously, I'm keeping some pieces for myself too, it's only fair) but now my house is turning into a warehouse; first it was just contained to the living room.......3 big vintage suitcases constricted and hid away my stock and that was just peachy! Now, however; I have dresses and jumper drying on hangers on the back of doors; boxes and bags clutterer the dining table and everywhere you turn........argh!
Piles of things to be repaired and revived; the stock seems to have grown and multiplied through from the living room, into the hallway and up the stairs. There doesn't seem to be a single corner or surface which doesn't have something waiting to be bought and loved. It's like we're slowly being swallowed up by dresses, coats and such. Gav has been very good about the clutter too - but I've a feeling his patience will wear thin in time - I know mine will. Who knew that running your own business from home could be so messy? I need to get organised - seriously quick!

We've a plan - we'll I've a plan hopefully soon, life and work will become slightly more separated. I hope.

This little vintage suit was one of my recent finds. A rather quirky 60's crimplene number. I actually have another one too, a blue one - but I prefer this green one if I'm honest, especially whilst posing in white gloves and a vintage hat: it helps you know. Although I like it, I'm not sure I care for it enough to keep it, or infact wear it, which would be a shame!

We'll see!


Harrison likes a little pose with me...........or is that the other way around?!




Monday, 29 September 2014

Busy Weeks, Losing Time and Warp Factor 9, Maybe?!


Hello, Happy Monday :)

Wow, well that was an incredibly busy week - I've been cake baking, leaflet dropping, wardrobe building; not to mention working in the shop more often than I usually do.
I think I've pretty much got everything under control now, all that needed to be achieve has been, well, achieved I guess.......and the girls new bedroom furniture is looking lovely; it has mirrors across the front doors, which they love and I've already spotted lots of posing going on - hehe!

One thing I have been indulging in - and nobody is more surprised by this than I am - is my love of Star Trek! That's right, I did say "love" and not "hate" .Most people whom which know me will be aware of my continued eye rolling at the mere mention of a starship anything. I had recently come to the conclusion (some how) that technically speaking: I should love it, I mean Sci-fi films are my most favourite thing to watch. So Star Trek seemed logical, right? So why had I always dismissed it with such animosity?

I think even Gav was a little perturbed by this sudden request to watch Star Trek The Next Generation from start to finish. So, yes, a few weeks later; we are now halfway through season 2. It's been a little like Breaking Bad for me: in (the only) respect that; once you begin watching one episode in an evening, you let them keep rolling on......right up until bedtime when you've realised you've had 3 hours of klingon battling, planet saving, Picard ruling goodness upon the Starship Enterprise - and now you're feeling super knackered and in need of a good long rest ( dramatic, moi?!).

Right-tee-oh,  I'm off now to the post office, post a shop order and then perhaps indulge in a little afternoon thrifting - just maybe!