Tuesday, 14 April 2015

I'm a New Person (Almost) with Red Lotta Clogs for my Efforts!!


Hello folks,

Yes!! I'm still alive and well, despite my lack of activity on this blog I've been about on Facebook and instagram mainly. It's not that I don't want to blog or have lost an interest in doing so; I believe I have simply lost myself somewhere between last spring and now, I don't know how it happened or why - it's just one of those things that creeps up slowly only to pounce at the last minute! I seriously needed to get a grip - I think that might have happened!

So, what have I been doing? Well, mainly procrastinating - probably! I mean, life got a little stale and I just couldn't be bothered to change it - I guess!

Since January, I've been making some major changes: my main objective was to become fit and healthy.......so I started with the goal of shifting the 4-5lbs I'd put on over Christmas (it always happens, I'm used to it by now - it's the chocolate, the ones in tins, otherwise known as 'Roses'!)  - so I joined a bootcamp at the beginning of January. Which was fine, except I realised I was soooo unfit, and I thought I might die during one workout because I couldn't breathe! Now, naughty, naughty I was smoking a few a day......not many, but still - it's not good for you regardless! I decided there and then that I'd quit smoking too - yes, my fitness improved throughout January and continues to grow to this day - and now I am amazed I ever let myself get so......let just say: outta shape!

I think once I'd quit the smoking my metabolism nose dived into the concrete ground - because I was eating healthy, exercising and still putting on weight!! Argh......I started panicking!
It all felt so depressing, I was -  A: eating well, B: exercising, C: aching most days from said exercising and D: not smoking either. Oh and I've been breaking out in spots too!

Needless to say, through trying to change my life for the better I've had to encounter and endure some tough times too, which I never expected to happen.I guess maybe this is what happens when you get older - things are tougher?!

Alas, I'm coming through the other side now - finally.......I'm following slimming world within a calorie controlled diet, and this past 2 weeks I've been running too - In addition to my bootcamp classes. Last week at weigh in I finally lost 1.5lbs -which isn't much I know - it's a small step in the right direction. But at least I've stopped gaining, then maintaining and am finally losing :)

I'm sure my body will thank me eventually - for all the types of kind I'm being to myself nowadays -Both physically and emotionally. We have to remember: the body cannot be replaced, therefore we have to maintain and take care of the only one we'll ever have...it has to last us a long time after all.

I'll start with rewarding myself with some amazing Lotta from Stockholm clogs.......how pretty are they? I walked 22,000 steps in them yesterday - so comfy!

Friday, 6 February 2015

Life, Love and Things That Get in the Way (Mostly)........


Nope, I'm not in France or anything; although I've been away so long you may have thought I'd disappeared off there ;)
So today is Friday and it's the weekend again - it is astonishingly crazy how the weeks are running off, sprinting even.......towards something better: the summer perhaps?! Even the evenings are getting lighter already - when I left work at 5pm yesterday it was quite light still. Last week it was complete darkness! Funny how everything seems to creep upon you with just a teeny moments notice isn't it?

So what have I been up to since my last post? Well, quite a lot and not enough all at the same time - if that makes sense?
Oh, Happy New Year by the way!
So I've been spending a lot of time listing, packaging and delivering to the post office many items from my online vintage shop. It's been fun so far.....really hard work mainly - especially when juggling it with normal life too...... I think I may well need to make a schedule or timetable type thing to keep me on track......to organise my time better. It's like I have a thousand things to think about all of the time......and actually, I've been quite assertive recently......but just not with blogging it seems.

Since the new year I've taken up boot camp exercise classes twice a week. On my first week of bootcamp I literally couldn't breathe with all the cardio work - I felt so unfit and weak; I never realised I was so bad, so I knew I'd made the right decision to improve my health, even if it was painful at the beginning.

Gav and I are still working our way through anything Star Trek. We completed all 7 series of The Next Generation just before Christmas - and I miss watching it completely -haha! It's true!
We've then been watching Star Trek the original series.....the one with Kirk and Spock - and although it's visually fantastic to watch, for the whole retro aspect - we've kind of given up halfway through series 2 and started on the films instead.

I've also been listing so, so many items on ebay too, for the charity shop I work at - that takes up a crazy amount of my time......but I'm making lots of money for them so that's good!

Last weekend, Gav and I popped down to London for the weekend to stay with friends.........it's made me realise that we don't spend enough time together. I suppose that happens to many couples that are juggling "normal life" between them?!

London was lovely though, we went to this teeny Irish pub; they had a folk band playing all the old Irish classics - I could have stayed there all night jigging around!
On the Saturday we had breakfast at lunchtime, then wandered around the cemetery on Stoke Newington's Church Street......unfortunately it had begun to rain by then; where there's rain, there's mud! Alas we didn't stay long. I just wanted to show Gav how crazily amazing this cemetery is - besides, last time I came I didn't have my camera with me.
Then we popped along to Beyond Retro; Gav's favourite part of the weekend, haha - but to be fair, it was payday......and we are girls in London, in walking distance to vintage fabulousness!
Later we went to watch Peeping Tom at the Barbican theatre.......I'm still trying to work out what that was all about if I'm honest! We all then went for an amazing curry and beer on brick lane :)
Fantastic weekend - makes you realise what life is all about!

.....and if I could move to London? Perfect!

I do miss blogging; I know I've been rather sporadic lately to say the least; I just don't want to blog about the mundane boring things I've been up to..........aaannnnd, I'm still trying to lose this extra weight. It seems the older I get, I put the pounds on easier - and it takes longer to lose it. I think my body wants to be spongy haha!
I did the slimfast plan for two weeks after new year and didn't lose a single bloody pound! Gutted!! So really, I'm not too keen, confident or comfortable to be in front of the camera right now..........so all my blogging ideas are a little up in the air at the minute. I'm going to do slimming world again I think, I lost a stone last time on SW and got to my perfect weight........I need to be happy in my own skin again, besides: I want to wear all my lovely vintage summer dresses again this year :D

Ok, so really that's about it.........for now

Until next time...



Monday, 29 December 2014

Christmas Memories, Goodies and Plentiful Amounts of Food!


Good evening, Happy in-between Christmas and New Year time! 

Although it's lovely enjoying the build-up to Christmas: trimming the tree, buying (then eating) all that yummy, totally-terrible-for-you food, seeing friends and family; choosing and then wrapping gifts. It all soon comes cascading down; a landslide even, from a great height once boxing day is done with.........and everyday since that day has felt like a Sunday. I'm in limbo.......Gav and I both have considerable time off work over the holiday period; we have plans for our time off - well, more accurately, I have plans! Plans to do some DIY around the house mainly: yet neither of us can be bothered to do anything. I'm tired of sitting in front of netflix every evening strained for something semi-decent to watch - and then after the fact think: can I actually be bothered now? and then there's the MASSIVE dish of chocolates twinkling in all their gem coloured good(bad)ness - why must you taunt me so?

So yes, Christmas is behind us for another year........and as I sit here now, warm and cosy in my oversized elephant jumper which (I hope) covers and hides a multitude of sins; I can't help but feel restless - just waiting it seems, for I know when the 1st January comes things will be getting back to normal: I'll resume my usual healthy (mostly) eating plan, I'll chuck in some extra workouts - I'm actually doing a bootcamp thing too. We'll all go back to work, school...the usual routines of life and I think I will feel happier, more certain, settled.

I have however been back and forth to the post office sending out vintage goodies for my shop - so at least that has given me an excuse to get dressed most days HA!

I've received some beautiful presents this year though........a gorgeous parasol (which I fully intend to use in the summer: picnics on the river anyone?), a bottle of Hollister perfume which I've wanted for over a year now; I received a massive soap and glory gift set from the Hinge as well as S&G perfume and makeup. Soaps and smellies and plenty of chocolate. Wow, my friends and family know me too well!

So I suppose this will be my last blog post in 2014 - I'll see you all again next year :)