Wednesday, 17 September 2014

Having Fun With Pens, Birds and Mr Nutcase!

mrnutcase 2

A while ago, a phone case company that sports the funniness name 'Mr Nutcase' (see, I told you - super fun!) asked me if I wanted to design a phone case. Excited at the prospect of finally owning a new unique case for my not-so-new HTC One X was, well......pretty exciting in fact. When it comes to gadgetries, creativity and such, I'm a bit of a sucker.

Alas, Mr Nutcase didn't offer a case for my good old phone - That'll teach me - so, I decided to design an illustration for my mum's phone (a Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini) instead as an additional birthday present. So I sketched a few designs and ran them through photoshop and mum chose this design and colour combination.

Once scan in and edited in photoshop, it was easy peasy uploading the picture to the site, positioning and then repositioning the image to make it look "just so". After submitting the order, I received the case within a week.

Personally, for me, the case had an unfinished feel to it - it had a rather matt finish and I was worried that the paint would chip/rub off relatively easy - especially when in mum's handbag! Maybe it wouldn't come off, I don't know. However, I bought a clear craft spray enamel for plastic etc and gave the case a few layers! It looked and felt so much more durable afterwards.

The artwork looked just as I expected; good quality printing with none of that stretching nonsense that can happen with things like this - overall Mum and I both are delighted with the result :)

Mr Nutcase is offering 10% off a phone case to all readers when you use discount code: "thanku10" at checkout.

-Before the enamel spray-
mrnutcase 1

-After the enamel spray-

Tuesday, 16 September 2014

Julie London, Enamelled Goodness and a Little Turtle!


Jewellery, surprisingly enough isn't something I have a lot of, vintage or otherwise. I tend to find that with earrings, I find a pair that I absolutely love, then I'll wear them day in, day out until I either lose or misplace one (or both), or they fall down the back of the bathroom shelves not to be seen again, for at least a few years. It's a shame when that happens and it drives me mad when I can't remember where I was when I last saw something - I mean, if I knew where I was when I lost it, said item wouldn't be lost at all - but you can see my point, no?!


How cute is this little gold enamelled mint and blue turtle? I brought this little beaut home with me recently - I love it and have worn it loads so far. I just love enamel on jewellery - and of course Julie appreciates a little glamour too :)


Monday, 15 September 2014

Back to Normal, Back to Vintage!


It's been a few weeks now; but I'm definitely feeling happier. Normal infact, or as normal as one can be I suppose. That horrible, oppressive slumber had taken control over my life for, well, months I guess. I had a constant feeling of being knocked flat down when I was almost back up again; a feeling of knowing what I needed and wanted to do, but not being able to summon the resolution or strength to do it. Life for me was happening sporadically and I was seldom happy; if I got dressed and left the house: that for me,was a daily achievement.

On reflection, it was any wonder I could blog occasionally at all.......But whatever, that time has receded and I am happy to be back to happiness again!

Something that I have been able to do over the past few months as I've been feeling better, is buy new things - surprise, surprise :) On a good day (well, if a good day means spending money then it was) I'd be heavily thrifting and finding beautiful vintage items. I have so many lovely things that haven't even made it onto the blog yet due to my long, unwilling absence.

As you well know, I love a good vintage hat - well, I just love hats generally, but probably more so if they're vintage.
This hat I bought a month or so back. It's a kind of teal colour with a fluffy matching rose thing on the back - and any hat with a fluffy rose thing and netty veil is fine by me!

The dress I also bought whilst thrifting, it's not vintage, it's Phase Eight and fits like a glove and is so, so pretty with lace and glass bead work - and it only cost me £3!! Yes, I kid you not, three English pounds!!

Now I just need to be taken out somewhere lovely to wear it - Gav?!