Friday, 3 July 2015

Clean Eating: Slimming World - Weigh-in - Week 2


Well, it's a super hot steamy Friday afternoon and I'm looking forward to going out tonight with the hubby - think we'll find a band somewhere in town.......I'm also looking forward to having a glass of red wine after spending the past week on water, plain tea and coffee.

If I'm honest, I actually found this past week really easy, food wise....planning? well that was a little harder for me - I'm so busy most of the time and I haven't managed to finished all the chores, cooking, food planning etc until gone 11pm most evenings, which is a bit of a nuisance as I like to relax in front of the tv for a while before bed, so I've missed that a lot this week.

I've decided that I really like SP; it feels really natural and I love the fact that I can have 2 healthy extra B's as well as my A choice and I'm not missing pasta, rice or potatoes at all......I can't even say I've missed bananas or yogurts much either. I am however fancying some sweet potato........and although this isn't a speed food, I can still have it in moderation whilst following the SP plan - so I'll certainly be incorporating sweet potatoes into a couple of my meals this week.

Also, I read somewhere - although I fail to find it in my slimming world book - that SP-er's should have one regular sized yogurt per day after the first week of SP........I may have to message my consultant about that one to double check.

As you might have guessed, I have decided to continue with SP this week, just maybe adding a few non-speed/protein foods (ie: the sweet potato) into my meals.........and, as already mentioned: I'm having wine today (yay!), so that'll be extra syns for today's allowance - I'll just run it off tomorrow :) - I may also have some dark chocolate at some point too. #rebel

But any-whos, I weighed in last night and here are the results: 9st 8.5lbs so that's 2.5lbs off !!

Week 1: 0
Week 2: - 2.5lb


I'm looking forward to the next week, I'll continue to post my daily food diaries - and I'll do my weekly round-up and weigh-in next Friday - fingers crossed for another good loss next week. I'm normally the type of person to lose 0.5lb per week if I'm lucky, so a 2.5lb loss for me is immense!!

Helllll Yeaaah!!

Clean Eating: Slimming World - Food Diary - Day 7

This week I'm clean eating whilst following the Slimming World SP Plan: this allows me loads of S & P foods, plus 1 Healthy Extra A choice and 2 Healthy Extra B Choices and of course the usual 5-15 syns daily.

Thursday's are always my crazy busy days.....I work all day in my Mum's charity shop, then straight to slimming world and then directly to bootcamp - meaning I have to really plan and prepare my food in advance.
The weather is still lovely and hot, although bootcamp has been tricky this week; I'm struggling in this heat with the exercise.....even with me drinking the whole 2 litre bottle of buxton water I take with me! I also had my weigh-in yesterday too; I'll post my results later today :)

So, here's what I ate yesterday...

35g Porridge Oats - HEXB
1 x tbsp Maple Syrup - 2 Syns

Mid-Morning Snack:

Mixed Lettuce Leaves
Cherry Tomatoes
2 x Hard Boiled Eggs
I slice Wild Smoked Salmon
Squirt of Fresh Lemon to Season


Flat Peach

Red Onion
Sweet Red Peppers
Orange Pepper
Red Pepper
Chestnut Mushrooms
Roast Chicken
Bacon - Fat cut off
Halloumi Cheese - 35g - HEXA
60g Wholemeal Bread - HEXB
1 x tsp Olive Oil - 2 syns

Mineral Water
Fruit Tea

Daily Syns: 4
Fitbit Steps: 17, 521
Exercise: 60 Minute Intensive Bootcamp Workout

Thursday, 2 July 2015

Clean Eating: Slimming World - Food Diary - Day 6


This week I'm clean eating whilst following the Slimming World SP Plan: this allows me loads of S & P foods, plus 1 Healthy Extra A choice and 2 Healthy Extra B Choices and of course the usual 5-15 syns daily. 

Wowza, it was so incredibly hot yesterday (today too) - and I found myself dripping all day long and just couldn't cool down no matter what I did!......British summer time is certainly here; it;s either the heat that's making me so hot under the collar or maybe this clean eating malarky has sped up my metabolism somewhat, well either way I'm hoping for a great weight loss tomorrow :)

I also accidently gave myself an third HEXB too - somehow, I forgot (brain fog) between the morning and the evening that I'd had porridge already - Ooops - alas I have syned the pumpkin seeds I had late in the evening.

So here we go, this is what I ate yesterday....

35g Porridge Oats - HEXB
1 x tbsp Maple Syrup - 2 syns
1 x tbsp Onken Natural Yogurt - 1/2 syn

Mid-Morning Snack:
Flat Peach

Lunch: Pea and Mint Soup
Frozen Peas
1 x White Onion
2 x Garlic Cloves
2 x Sticks of Celery
1 x Handful of Fresh Mint
60g Wholemeal Bread - HEXB
1 tbsp Onken Natural Yogurt - 1 Syn


Turkey Mince
Chopped Tomatoes
Bacon (no fat)
Sea Salt / Pepper
Sugar Snap Peas

Dessert: Fruit
35g Halloumi Cheese - HEXA 
1 x tbsp Onken Natural Yogurt - 1 Syn
2 x tbsp (15g) Pumpkin Seeds - 4 Syns 
1 tbsp Pure Honey - 2 1/2 Syns

Mineral Water - 2 Litres

Daily Syns: 11
Fitbit Steps: 12, 089
Exercise: Nada