Wednesday, 6 August 2014

Lovely Summer Walks, Thrifty New Dresses and Dreams of Paradise!


It's been such a long while since we walked down by the river deben, in Woodbridge. It's always lovely -calming in fact - just watching the boats zip and weave around each other; I'm sure there must be boat crashes happening all the time there. Actually, it's been almost exactly one year since I was last here. I remember, because I was wearing my 1950's cotton sundress - which gained a little rip in the armpit area that day (and I've still not repaired it - Ooops) - in fact, it was pretty much the same weather that day too.

So on Sunday, I went walking over cobbles, grass and train tracks in some of the most sensible shoes I own - my platform wedges! Yep, I was that smart ;)

I did however enjoy the excuse to wear my new vintage dress, not that one needs excuses or such to wear fabulous dresses of course.



This swan was giving me his beady eye - perhaps wondering whether my camera lens was edible or not!



I always think I'd like to go rowing: but then again, I always imagine it to be a romantic experience - lounging back in perhaps lace, with a touch of velvet here and there; reading Wuthering Heights and probably sipping fizzy cold champagne whilst a beautiful parasol shades me from the mid-morning sun. Of course, I'd be wearing white day gloves and sporadically leaning over to feed the ducks. I'm sure they'd be a fishing rod pictured in there somewhere, but I can't be sure.

In reality however, life isn't a picture book of romance and fantasy. Real life would consist of wet, soggy feet, rowing in circles and continued wipe-age of the dreaded sweat moustache.

But one can dream, and dream one shall do!



Although I also dream of living in the big city, Woodbridge (or perhaps Mistley, because that's also beautiful) is where I'd like to live as an old lady. I'd have a pretty cottage with loads of flowers everywhere, I'd drink homemade lemonade in the garden surrounded by my children and grandchildren. But for now, it's just as much fun to catch up with relatives living my future dream - and also swoon over my aunt Mary's cottage full of vintage goodies :)



Friday, 18 July 2014

Embracing the Calm After the Storm!


Well, it's certainly been some time since my last blog post - I shudder to think of how long, at how quickly time has disappeared and gone forever from my life. Quick, super-fast and above all, pretty uneventful.

On reflection, I guess I have achieved some things: I've completed my first aid training, met with friends, been at work and I've also been listening to quite a lot of music. Reading has also been quite prominent lately and I've enjoyed burying myself in someone else's life, even if it has only been fictional. Certainly I've been taking time out for myself, which was so needed after I sunk into depression a few months ago. I can never pin-point what gets me down, however I can definitely compare my moods to the changes in the weather. One day I'm sunny, happy and smiling, then the next I'm hiding from a harsh blizzard.

Ultimately, I've sat out the storm, sometimes it was as though my house would cave in, in that - it was a struggle to see the positivity and promise life had to offer. Now, with the storm thundering away on the horizon; I can embrace the new day, the sun and the warm waves of love flowing through me. Wow, deep? I know.
I most definitely haven't felt in the mood to write blog posts about makeup and such-like. But it's nice enough to pop along here today for a quick update.

I have so, so many things to blog about. Idea's to share and life changes I'm still mulling over in my mind. I certainly feel like I'm at a crossroad in my life right now, so I'm just taking the time to make sure I happily skip along the right path :)

I want to show you some of my thrifty buys - I'll be back next week with some of those!

Have a great weekend, lets hope the weather stays nice ;)

Tuesday, 3 June 2014

My Week in Pictures!


Good Afternoon, Just a quick one today - I'm on a mission to get the house a little tidier as it's looking a little bit rough around the edges right now!

I've had a pretty random week to be honest. I've been feeling pretty down lately with my bipolar and that has been obvious, to me, in my writing; needless to say, all of the blog posts I've written this week have remained as drafts.

So that has been a bit of a struggle these past weeks - especially when I've had so much going on, where I've had to be a smiley happy person and all I've wanted to do is stay in bed and sleep. But, whatever, that's not healthy for anyone now is it?! .......I'm feeling a bit better now, so fingers crossed the sun will come out and my mood will continue to improve!

Here are a few pictures from my week, some from my camera and others from my instagram.

IMG_20140531_183910 IMG_20140531_171034
20 IMG_20140531_171933