Q & A....

Q: Why did you call your blog Dear Thirty?

A: I set the blog up in my late twenties, when I was thinking A LOT about hitting the big three ZERO! Later, I wanted to take the blog in a different direction so I scrapped all the original posts - but kept the name.

Q: Wow, I love your pink hair. What dye do you use??

A: Why, thankyou :) Although it's not pink right now as I'm giving my hair a rest from bleaching. The colour I was using is Renbow's Crazy Color dyes. I always combine colours in one pot to create a unique shade. I used Lavender and pinkissimo combined in this post here, but it had washed out a little when the photo's were taken. I did a lot of experimenting with colour last summer :)

Q: The photos on your blog are amazing! What camera do you use? xxx

A: Thanks so much!! I actually just use my old faithful Canon 400D that I've had for years.....I use two lenses for my photography: The 50mm F1.8 and the 18-55mm. I use photoshop to tone the colour and enhance the brightness :) I'm on the look out for my next lens which will bridge the gap between my two existing lenses, then eventually a more professional camera body.

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