About Me and Dear Thirty......

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Hello......and welcome,  whether you stumbled upon me through twitter or facebook, or even if you google searched 'Naked Ladies" and found me - and yes, that has happened (proof HERE). However you have found me - I'm happy to have you here :) 

My name is Emma Cherry: a thirty five year old thrifting maniac and serial tweeter! and this (the Dear Thirty part) is my little space in time where I waffle about all the lovely things: beauty, fashion and general life ramblings - and most recently, my discovery of clean eating - my kids think I'm having some sort of midlife crisis - yeah, thanks kiddos!

If you're a regular reader of 'Dear Thirty' you will know by now, I adore Vintage......and if you're new here then: I adore vintage...... dresses, blouses.....Oooooo - bags,  shoes, scarves....shall I continue? I think you get the idea.

I live in a smallish town in the county of Suffolk, which for those out-of-towners, is about an hour or so from London by train. 
I live in a townhouse that I'm gradually decorating in a "retro" style. Using an eclectic mix of old, new and lovingly upcycled items. I like to be creatively thrifty with purchases, which of course suits me fine as I love to be the one to find that beautiful 1950's vase tucked away, hidden, under a bunch of old toasters and coffee pots - and then to pay less than £5 for it, I can skip home happily - a right smiley Annie :D

So, I live in my "getting-there Retro Home" with my gorgeous hubby of 15 years, Gav ( my soul-mate and best friend for forever and a day!), my lovely (most of the time) kiddos, of which I have three and my stinky black Labrador Harrison. Life is busy, but generally speaking - life is good!

I own: way too many dresses, copious amounts of headscarves, A LOT of vintage teacups and about a million pairs of shoes!! Ok, so maybe not quite a million, but I'm sure it's close. One day, I shall count them.

I love: getting dressed up in my vintage dresses, posing for instagram selfies ;) dancing around to supertramp as often as humanly possible. Reading anything and everything I can get my hands on. Big knickers, and I do mean those massive granny ones that are "oooh so attractive" because quite frankly teeny ones just don't cover enough for my liking. Cushions on the sofa, on the bed, erm cushions for everywhere really; I sneak them into the house and convince Gav that they were there all along - I'm quite convincing you know :)

I have a Performing Arts Degree (the most pointless degree ever, but whatever - it is mine) I have been a radio presenter for an indie station, a drama instructor at secondary school, a cook in a pub and I've had my own band among other things.....

In 2010, I released my debut album 'Paper Dreams' which I wrote and recorded all on my lonesome. This is available on itunes, cdbaby and amazon (I think it is still anyway) if you're interested in dark, depressing folky music . I've been trying to finish my next EP for a couple of years now......but erm, lets just say, I've lost my inspiration and I'm taking a mini break.

I've been writing Dear Thirty now since March 2013, I hope you like what you've read so far and I'd love to have you along for the rest of my journey. :)


(Updated - June 2015)

I'd love to hear from you, you lovely readers you (BIG squeezy hugs)...... and if you'd prefer to send me a private message just to say 'Hello There!', to put forward post requests/ideas or simply to tell me I'm doing it all wrong! Because blog feedback is always valued - no, no, honestly, it is :).........please email me at: dearthirty@gmail.com