Clean Eating: Slimming World....Introduction!

Hello, and welcome to my journey to maximum health and fitness - well, the maximum for me anyhow! - I'm Emma, and I've recently discovered clean eating, or I guess, it kind of found me! I've been making healthier food swaps gradually over the past year or so..... swapping white breads, pastas and rice for the wholemeal/wheat versions; I've swapped sweetener for honey and maple syrup, you get the idea, I've wanted to eat and enjoy more innate, wholesome foods - it just sits better with me nowadays.

I have also been following slimming world after I gained weight earlier this year, I like the slimming world plan as a whole and I feel this is probably the closest to clean eating I've seen, obviously I'm cutting out various aspects of the plan, ie: the sweetener, alpen bars and muller light, technically I'm having more syns than I'd like to have, but I can live with that if I'm making healthier choices - I also love the fact that with Slimming World, I have a support group and get properly weighed every week too.

I've decided to combine both slimming world and clean eating, which I'm hoping won't be too tricky, seeing as the plan allows for lots of fresh, juicy produce. The only thing that worries me a little are the healthy extra A & B options and trying to keep things fresh and balanced throughout this journey.
Lets see huh?

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