Wednesday, 29 July 2015

Clean Eating: Slimming World - Food Diary - Day 33


This week I'm clean eating whilst following the Slimming World 'SP' Plan*: this allows me loads of S & P foods, plus 1 Healthy Extra A choice and 2 Healthy Extra B Choices and of course, the usual 5-15 syns daily. I may also incorporate some non S or P (Speed or Protein ) foods into my meals this week.

Today, I've decided that I'm pretty crappy with computers. I've decided to download a new browser as the current one keeps lagging and the flash keeps crashing - and no amount of cache clearing or updating seems to work, I've given up I can't understand what it needs to work I've got this new browser....only trouble is, it's being glitchy with my html - we'll see!
So today is the day before I weigh-in, and I can honestly say that I feel so much slimmer this past week, I feel like the inches are finally disappearing ( horahhh!)  - and I've had one or two people comment that I've lost weight the past couple of it must be true right? 

As I said yesterday, I'm not feeling especially hungry right now.....I mean, I'm eating my meals - mostly - but I've not been too concerned with anything inbetween....which is fine of course.....but this leaves me uninterested in food, and very impartial to cooking for everyone in the evenings. I'm also feeling kinda bored with my modest repertoire of SP/Clean meals. I need to rediscover some passion for some good-old-fashion recipe searching on the interweb; but I can't quite muster - or supress the right balance of....erm......focus, maybe? Yep - that!'ll happen, just not today!

So anyway, moving swiftly on to what I ate yesterday!

35g Porridge Oats made with Water - HEXB
1 tbsp Pure Canadian Maple Syrup - 2 Syns 


60g Wholemeal Bread - HEXB
Roast Chicken
45g Soft Cheese - HEXA

Dinner: Omelette
4 eggs
Roast Chicken
1 tbsp Pure Canadian Maple Syrup  - 2 syns

Rice Cake - 1.5 Syns
Dark Chocolate 10g - 3.5 Syns

Mineral Water
Fruit Tea

Daily Syns: 9
Fitbit Steps: 8,429
Exercise:Pilates 20 minutes

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