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Saturday 1 August 2015

Clean Eating: Slimming World - Weigh-in - Week 6

Week 6
Hello, and Happy Saturday to you :) What are you doing with your weekend? I am in my painting gear ready to tackle my kitchen - I'm repainting today I've decided!
So, yes my weigh-in is a little tardy this week, but I'm doing it now before I get myself covered in paint - eeek!

Actually, I was really happy with my weight loss this week - it's a lot of weight for me to lose......but still never, ever enough to win 'Slimmer of the Week' :(  It's stupid, it's just a silly sticker.......yet it's one, that is completely unattainable to me - Sod it, quite frankly I think I'll make my own sticker and certificate - haha, you think I'm joking right?!

But anyway.......I managed to lose a massive (for me.....) 2.5lbs. This is the most I've EVER lost in a yes, I deserve that sticker I'm not going to make ;)

So here we go: I went from 9st 6lbs to 9st 3.5lbs

Total Losses so Far:
Week 1: 0
Week 2: - 2.5lbs
Week 3: - 4 lbs
Week 4: -3lbs
Week 5: -5lbs
Week 6: -7.5lbs

Week 6

It's also that time of the month to do my measurements, I can actually tell I've lost inches this month as my clothes feel bigger - and, unfortunately I'm back in my B cup bras again this week - Booo, I'm really going to miss my C cup boobies!!

So, here we go.......Starting Measurements taken on 27th June 2015!
Starting Measurements: 
Bust: 36"
Waist: 29.5"
Hips: 39"

Measurements taken on 30th July 2015!
Bust: 36"
Waist: 28"
Hips: 38.5"

Not a massive inch loss, it looks and feels like I'm lost more if I'm honest.......but hey ho, clothes are fitting better and that's all that matters :) 


  1. Your doing really well, good for you. Have a nice weekend!

    1. Thank you Caramella :)
      It's tough, but I'm sticking with it - mostly!!

  2. Are you still on sw? I got inspired reading your blog as im also on sw and trying to do a bit more clean eating. Now its on 1 hex each a day it's hard for me when I love bread yet want porridge too :-(

    1. Hi Michelle,
      Whilst I don't attend the classes anymore, I loosely follow the plan most days and eat pretty clean 50% of the time......although recently we've had a rash of birthdays etc so I'm feeling a bit sluggish so I'm gearing up for another month of clean eating.
      Yes - I love my porridge too (especially in these cold winter months) and have it most mornings with onken yogurt and fruit.
      When I followed this SW/clean eating plan last summer I did a lot of the Slimming World SP days - then you can have 1 x HEX A and 2 x HEX B, so you can't have pasta, rice, potatoes etc but it does free you up for extra bread - which you can do a lot with in the summer months.
      I'd say, if you want porridge, have it! build it into your SW plan and add some lovely fruit and maple syrup on top (1 tbsp = 2 syns).
      The hardest thing I found whilst following the plan was not having wine - although, I treated myself to one small glass on a Friday evening :)

      Good luck - it really is the best way to eat :) x

    2. Hi Emma, I never even realised you had replied to me! I came back for some inspiration and seen the reply :)

      I have only just started trying the SP plan (on day 2) I am struggling with trying to eat loads of speed food as i've found I'm just not hungry enough for it. I am much like yourself only losing 1lb a week (the most i've lost is 2.5). Last week I lost 1lb and had eaten chinese & a calzone pizza! Yet this week being totally on plan with no takeaways and not going over syns it was still 1lb loss! It's so weird! I have lost 11lb total in 3 months but I wasn't overly large to begin with so i'm happy with the 1lb loses.

      I've been having my porridge on sp with loads of berries & making it up with water so I can use my milk allowance for tea haha! I wasn't a big drinker when I started the plan so I don't really miss it but Its not something i would give up totally either if i'm on a night out or out for dinner I'll always have 1/2 drinks normally spirits so they're not too syn heavy. :)

    3. Haha - glad you came back :)
      I have kind of seen it as a lifestyle change - something permanent - I can't be bothered to be super strict all of the time with myself, that just sounds exhausting and you've got to live a little, right?!
      11lbs is a great loss, just keep a nice healthy balance - it'll come off steadily and you'll adjust to a new eating routine more easily. I'm planning on doing another 30 day clean eating plan soon - I always find it easier in the summer as I'm less hungry - I need to shift a few extra stubborn lbs that are in situ around my mid-section ;)

      Keep on doing what you're doing and congrats on the weight loss so far x