Monday, 20 May 2013

Vintage Fair, Naked Ladies and Perfect Teacups.......

This was my Sunday, Vintage, Vintage, Vintage - at Judys Affordable Vintage Fair and I was excited because they came to Ipswich.........It's sad, but we don't have much vintage in our town and what we do have is usually over priced and you know how I love a bargain :)

I spotted a mass of mis-matched tea cups and saucers, another of my most favourite things, and I have a lot of favourite things as you probably can tell.......

I met up with Tash, one of my lovely vintage friends and made a start browsing the racks of all the traders that were there - we tried on quite a few dresses in a make shift communal dressing room......and I have a funny story about this (and not funny 'ha ha', just funny!).....there was this woman over the way from us trying on dresses, completely, lets just say 'cloth less' - and I mean, not actually a thread! in other words......naked! Whilst Tash was outside looking in the mirror, I was minding my own business tidying and playing with my camera, the poor lady got the dress stuck over her head - proper stuck too!! Then she asked poor me to help her get it off over her head - did I mention she was naked?! 

£1 brooches - love this, I bought the cat one...can you see it? 

Beautiful vintage umbrellas, I got a good price on one of these........and anyways, I don't own a vintage umbrella ;)

Tash, browsing the selection of goodies, before we went to this cute little coffee shop and had a latte and some food........
We had a lovely day, but my feet hurt after, so I went home to my not to attractive, not so vintage, but very dodgy and comfy slippers - I know how to rock and roll x

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